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Adelia Matson Joins CRM Team

When The Center for Rural Ministry interviewed Adelia Matson to fill the role of Administrative Assistant, it was immediately apparent that she was a wonderful fit for the job.  From being raised in a ministry family to then nurturing a family herself in the midst of ministry to being involved in a couple church plants, Matson is deeply attuned to the graces and hardships of ministry. 

The daughter of an Anglican priest, Matson has spent half of her life in California and the other half in Pennsylvania; she majored in sociology and is married to Steve, a student pastor. Since 2003, the couple has either spent their time in Church ministry or owning a creperie and espresso café on the Central Coast of California. 

Five years ago, they moved back to the Western Pennsylvanian region and are now rooted in serving students and families at an Anglican church in the Grove City area.  Matson expressed that her time serving the Church has been fueled by a love of “seeing junior-high and high school students connect to, know, and be known by Jesus.” By working with the youth group at her church, she gets to continue to see and foster that transformation and growth first-hand. Nestled into this rural corner of Pennsylvania and with her kids now in college, Matson has enjoyed restoring the windows of their 100-year-old home, finding her love for houseplants, taking long walks with friends, and, as of recently, being a member of the Center for Rural Ministry team.

A New Season of Ministry

As administrative assistant, Matson is excited for the opportunity to blend business tasks and ministry participation in order to support local pastors.  While the full scope of the role is still being colored in, Adelia will serve the Center for Rural Ministry (CRM) by connecting the dots between the College, Church, and Community. Through organizing the annual CRM conference, assisting to connect the student body to local churches, and accomplishing any and all administrative needs, Adelia will be vital in continuing to develop the Center for Rural Ministry into being a self-sustaining, effective ministry for resourcing and encouraging local pastors. According to CRM executive director Charlie Cotherman, Matson's impact is already being felt. "Adelia has been a great addition to the CRM team. She is already demonstrating her ability to help us organize our work, collaborate with others on campus, and plan for the future."

When asked what she loves most about the work that the CRM is doing, Matson remarked that she loves how the Center supports smaller churches to get the resources and networking opportunities they need without feeling dwarfed by or overlooked by big churches. And sometimes what they most need are students, “young people in the seats,” to revitalize, energize, and encourage the congregation, which is what makes the CRM’s setting on the Grove City College campus very valuable.

Reflecting on what excites her about her role, Matson shared that “it’s the vision of the CRM that excites me. I love the concept of supporting small churches, I like to organize and I’m looking forward to helping plan the conference.”  By working with The Center for Rural Ministry, Adelia gets to be a part of the corporate picture of the Church by encouraging, equipping, and supporting an abundance of ministers and lay leaders as they strive to lead their congregants into thriving relationships with the Lord of the Universe.

As Administrative Assistant, Adelia Matson will be largely behind the scenes but the work she does facilitating and coordinating is essential to cultivating the resources that the CRM offers.  Thence, with experience in ministry and love for establishing order, Matson is well positioned to help the Center for Rural Ministry to continue to grow and thrive.

Emma Ruby, raised in central PA, is a writing intern for the PRM and a senior studying English, Christian Ministries, and Redemptive Entrepreneurship with the hope of spending a lifetime doing vocational ministry.